Attack on Two Fronts

I'm going to shift gears and even states for a while now.

Mary left nothing to chance, her lies crossed state lines to Kansas. After her complaint on 09/04/2001 to the Kansas City police detective which led to the 09/16/2001 statement which eventually generated the letter from Commissioners office she then went to Kansas to lie yet again.

September 7, 2001, her and her sister Susan made false statements against myself to the Lea Wood, Kansas police.

The report was of course never investigated the words of the women were taken as the gospel.

Every claim against myself has been vetted and proven to be nothing but lies.

This was very easy to accomplish because on that day and at the hour I was being lied about to the police, I in fact was 1,500 miles away.

I did not call Susuan as she claimed.
I was not in a parking area near her home as was claimed.
I was not seen in my van in the area.

I posed no threat to Mary or to Susan and never have and could not have been where they said I was and made no such alleged phone calls to Susan.

Naturally the police ate it up every damn lie of it all.

It was explained to myself and others over a year later that the order against myself made me guilty of anything Mary and obviously Susan cared to claim against myself and no police investigation was required.

Folks that is exactly what we were told! This is still America?

I have moving records and phone records which clearly prove their claims nothing but complete fabrications.

I was with Lauren at her office at the exact moment Mary and Sue were lying to the police.

I had been with Lauren and the mover for hours, so very impossible for myself to be where the two liars (women) said I was.

Had the police investigated to determine the credibility of the statements by the two women a warrant would have never been issued, because there was no probable cause to issue one.

Our law require probable cause before any warrant may issue, except that has never been the case in these matters.

I also have Laurens business records for her phone as well, there are severl phone calls for that month and none to Susan.

I can't post those records due to fact they have private numbers not involved with this matter.

My attorney has seen the records and has verified that at no time did I call Susan in the evening hours of 09/07/2001 and I certainly could not have been there.

The police Lauren and I spoke with, were less than competent in the matter.

Refusing to allow myself and Lauren to give our statements via a report was wrong.

Mary and Susan were provided the means to file a report that led to my arrest, but a man has no such rights.

My attorney of record in the matter knew the women had lied, after all how could anyone dispute the evidence I was 1,500 miles away?

I asked that he provide such to prosecutor and then get charges dropped, he said he could not do that.

I tried to do so myself but was not allowed to talk to the prosecutor.

Naturally I pleaded innocent to the charges and for that my attorney warned myself I had just bucked the system and that is something Johnson County Prosectors do not like to see happen.

I was supposed to roll over and take it, plead guilty be put in a diversion program for a year.

Hmmm.....that way keeps feeding the system, naturally charging myself for the diversion program.

These people are sick, twisted and yet have power and control over the lives of people.

Our Constituiton gurantees us the right to face our accusers and shll not be infringed upon.

To damn bad the prosecutors do not feel the same way, for what happened to me next was, well you be the judge.

Jean Ann's Letter:

JEAN ANN UVODICH Attorney at Law 206 W. Loula Olathe, KS 66061
Telephone (913) 782_5544
Facsimile (913) 782_4445

Licensed to Practice in Kansas and Missouri


October 17, 2003

John Dady

4717 N.W. 78th St. Kansas City, MO 64151

Dear John:

After careful review of your case, I wanted to state the legal basis of claims.

First of all, there is no indication that the City of Leawood performed any outside investigation prior to submitting their reports to the District Attorney's Office for prosecution.

In addition, the fact that you did not receive all of the discovery which was requested impaired your ability to defend your self. This included the telephone records which would have proven that the alleged calls were never made.

The fact that your plea agreement included the provision that the State waived the filing of additional charges based on false information represented blackmail pursuant to the Kansas Statute. The State's indication was that if you did not accept their plea offer, they would pursue further criminal prosecution against you. This threat of further prosecution was based on false information and further investigation should have occurred prior to claiming that you could be criminally prosecuted on the alleged further matters. The fact that this threat was based on false information has now been proven through the deposition of Mary Clark, the complaining witness who filed the report claiming you had committed criminal acts.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact my office.


Jean Ann Uvodich

The prosector had zero evidence with which to bring a case forward, I did not agree to plead guilty and accept their diversion, I had to be shut down before the trial, Mary provided letters just as she did in Missouri and the prosecutor told myself and others that if I had the trial I would be arrested and chraged with mailing letters to Mary in violation of the order and the bond would be set high enough to prevent myself from being able to bond out.

My attorney in this case refused to notify the judge of the circumstances, warned myself and parents we could not tell the judge what was being done. Again my rights were being openly violated, my future destroyed. The prosecutors office wanted to save their asses because they knowingly prosecuted a case that was never investigated, probable cause never existed and the state witheld discovery, their way out was to blackmail me.

I told that dunce of an assistant prosecutor I mailed no letters to Mary. Turned out Mary went directly to prosecutor with her lie about the letters and based on that without any investigation I was to be arrested if I had the trial. What happened was not a plea. I was not charged with the letter lie but would have been charged had I exercised my Constituional right to a trial to face the (liars).

Protect the lying women at all cost, keep the fact no investigation was done and discovery withheld off the record, save their sorry worthless butts and by the way colect taxpayer monies for doing so. Damn what a country we have!! The fact Mary has been proven she lied about the letters as well meant nothing to anyone in the lagal system. The woman can do damn well what she wants and receives total cooperation for the legal system.

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