The United States of America has fought many wars around the globe during the last 100 years.

These wars were fought because we as a people believe in freedom, civil rights, self-governance, the right not to be
oppressed, not to be terrorized.

We as a people believe with freedom all good things are possible, without such freedom only misery prevails.

Today we have troops engaged in battle yet again to promote our values and free the oppressed.

We as a nation sacrifice our own so that others may one day have their own version of America.

I believe this is a very worthy goal; to do less when one can and should do more is unforgivable.

The use of power, military, economic, or political is a serious responsibility and as such must be exercised in a just
manner, to do less would make a person or a country no better than those we seek to prevent from abusing their own
power either as an individual or as a nation.

As our military is yet again freeing millions of oppressed peoples, so they may have civil rights, not live in fear of terror,
have a future worth living for and to die to protect if need be; I canít help but to be concerned for our own people here
at home.

While we as a nation promote civil rights and civil liberties abroad, at home we get the Patriot Act!

We as a nation promote abroad a Ďjustí legal system yet our own system in many ways resembles that of countries
inhabited by the oppressed.

America has many problems that must be dealt with, our enemies abroad are known to us, the enemies within are
known to some of us.

I will attempt via this site to unmask some domestic enemies, I have had the misfortune of being exposed to some of
these enemies,I hope what is told here will help others in similar situations.

The vast majority of events I speak of have been documented, via court records, audiotapes, affidavits and depositions,
the scale of these events is widespread and should be a concern to each of us who value what this country is supposed

We have activist courts and judges, creating law or preventing the will of the people from being acted upon.

The rule of law in many instances is now no more than a suggestion.

We have created bureaucracies that have taken on a life of their own, enacting legislation that serves to benefit such
and does little to serve the people, we have provided a 'profit motive' via legislation.

Where the law and the good of the people and society in general is concerned, there must never be a 'profit motive'
with such motive has come corruption, designed to feed the bureaucracies, who then feed upon the people.

We live in a society in which the people have the ultimate power over their lives, yet we for the most part have failed to
use such power and allowed elected officials at all levels of government to create and maintain these bureaucracies that
feed upon ourselves.

Now and then one or more of these bureaucracies feed upon the wrong person, that person this time is myself and I will
now speak of what has been done.

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