Now any person can clearly see this is receipt for my move. Clearly dated 09/07/01.

The total receipt with invoice was provided to the police we spoke with.

We were told I could have made a copy of it from the Internet, or I may know someone at Fry Wagner who would have made one up for me.

Folks I strongly suggest you NEVER allow any of these police officers near yourself or family, they are to stupid for words and are not capable of a proper thought or action.

I provided the carbon copy of the paperwork! I was there with the manager of the locker, I asked the esteemed idiot (sorry police officer) if Lauren was part of my plot to deceive the police causing them to believe I was not here when I was?

He then said I took a fast train came back here, followed Susan and Mary and then arrived back in time for the movers.

WHAT? Again I say; WHAT?

A fast train even, how stupid is that cop anyway?

I was accused of being in may van I told him. Now how the hell can I be in my van in Kansas and in Pahrump at same time?

The train must have been traveling at the speed of light is all I can figure or my van was.

Another thing these mental giants can't get their minds around;
There is a two hour time difference between Kansas and Nevada. At the exact and I mean exact moment Mary called the police I was with Lauren and Howard at the locker office.

News flash you mental giants 7:20pm Kansas time is 5:20 pm Nevada time.

We were so frustrated by the comments and attitudes of the police, it was like a surreal experience yet it did happen to us, even now as I relate these experiences to others it is hard to believe these events did in fact happen.

The fact there are so many witnesses to these events compounds the seemingly impossible series of events even further.

Debbie and I spoke with yet another less than Sherlock Holmes caliber police officer, gave us the same crap the other two gave Lauren and I, and added the order made myself guilty of anything Mary would accuse me of.

Debbie about hit the floor when he said that! Sgt. Haynes went onto say probable cause was the order itself, no investigation was required and was forwarded for warrant without investigation being done.
He claimed the order made myself the threat to her! Again where do we find such incompetent people to pin a badge on?

Damn my female cat could likely get an order against myself (exaggerated point) because they are so easy to get.

Was no secret to the DAs office the evidence we had on their girls Susan and Mary.

Protect the women at all costs is their motto and their goal, no matter they are nothing more than lying two bit wh****.

Mary's cell phone records for that day are very interesting, someone may have called Susan but it was not myself.

Mary called Burec about 30 minutes before placing another call, that call lasted 3 minutes, then Mary immediately called the police.

The number for Burec and the other person are numbers that appear at other times before or after Mary would call the police or prosecutors about myself.

Anyone but a police officer can figure that type of activity out in about a split second.
I bet any reader of this site can do so as well.

Yep, a set up! Caller identified himself as me! Susan being no smarter than the average cop bought the bait. She should have know was not myself calling I never identified myself to her, she already knew my voice since I had known her for over 7 years.

Susan claimed she called the police (police report says Susan made the call).

Well, not true! That is just the first lie of many, lies the police never took the time to investigate.

Now according to Mary with her testimony in a Cass County, Mo. courtroom she did not get done with work until 6-6:30pm on Friday's.

Now please explain to myself how she could be 30 or miles away cleaning a house for a client and be with her sister at the same time?

They said I must have been following them. Really? I say Mary was no more with her sister that day that I was in Lea Wood following them.

Mary called the police Sue did not, Mary's calls made just before she called the police, previous calling patterns in relationship to calling authorities and lying about myself.

This is so easy to figure out (unless you are a cop) all in clear view and yet nothing has been done.

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