This receipt represents a returned registered receipt concerning the letter I sent to the Nolan family advising them of the situation that Ms. Clark has involved herself in. I never expected to see a copy of the letter ever again. Yet, Ms. Clark did provide this letter to the KC MO PD, prior to the date in which Susan Nolan signed and received said letter. According to the date & time on the KCPD Report, this goes to prove that Ms. Clark DID IN FACT LIE to the KCMO PD when she claimed that I had mailed letters to her. This letter was to her sister. Subsequently, Ms. Clark has admitted under oath and on tape that I mailed no letters to her. However, it is extremely concerning and interesting, the KCMO PD claims that this letter amongst others, were sent to her in violation of an order of protection.

A fact born out by this receipt from the UNITED STATES POSTAL SERVICE proves beyond any doubt that MS. CLARK COULD NOT HAVE BEEN IN POSSESSION OF THIS LETTER AT THE TIME SHE TOLD THE AUTHORITIES THAT SHE WAS. Furthermore, it also goes to prove that the KCMO Police Detective, Sgt. Buck and MARY CLARK, did IN FACT LIE and presented false evidence against myself after in fact Platte County prosecuting attorneys refused to issue a warrant on her original claim of myself making a phone call to her. She was informed by said prosecutor's office that something else must occur first before they would issue a warrant over an unprovable phone call. Ms. Clark and Detective Buck caused the "something else" to occur.

Memo in file from my attorney of record at the time clearly states that he had talked to the prosecuting attorney's office and they had declined to issue a warrant. First conversation occured late September 2001, second conversation occured October 25, 2001, as referenced in the Memo. Interesting fact: There is no record with KCMO PD or with Platte County prosecuting attorney's office of any complaint made against myself by Ms. Clark prior to January 2002. Yet, we know there was because of the memo from my attorney.

Ms. Clark and her cohorts should be advised that I was provided the entire KCMO Police report that she filed against me in September 2001, by my attorney of record. Therefore, I have a clear and concise paper trail of what happened and when.

October 2nd or 3rd, Ms. Clark called Det. Buck's office, a few days after Susan Nolan signed the letter that I had sent to her family. I know this to be a fact because I have Ms. Clark's cell phone records of date in question. This was apparently to set up the meeting to bring in this other letter, which was then included in the original report against me from September 2001. The less-than-esteemed Sherlock-Holmes-esque Det. Buck was not aware that there was a mailing receipt to prove that this letter could be traced and verified as to whom and when it was sent. Thereby, proving beyond reasonable doubt that Det. Buck and Ms. Clark DID IN FACT conspire to committ criminal activity against me to attain the object of their desires, a warrant for my arrest, further destroying my credibility, making myself a target of the police, as opposed to making the Burecs a target of the police for the crimes that have since been proven that they did commit.

This letter was also used against myself in Johnson County, Kansas, as Ms. Clark claimed I had mailed letters to her sister's house for her, several of them, in violation of the order, which we now know is not true due to her deposition and audio tape. Assistant Prosecuting Attorney Patrick Kearney used that letter against myself as part of his blackmail plea agreement. It should be a matter of record that the state of Kansas believes that I did in fact mail that letter to her in violation of the order, when in fact it was used by Ms. Clark to commit crimes against me, which the prosecutor did allow it to stand (Mr. Paul Morrison)

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