Publishing Affidavits

The Sworn Affidavit by Mary Clark

This affidavit sworn under penalty or perjury, does in fact represent the crime of perjury.
(Missouri Revised Statutes Chapter 575 Section 575.040)
She engaged in such activity to avoid serving myself in order to prevent myself from knowing of such legal action.
We have her testimony she had knowledge of my location two months before signing this affidavit.
We have a witness deposition as well, who stated she informed Mary I was in fact living with them.
This affidiavit also represent the crime of False Declarations
(Missouri Revised Statutes Chapter 575 Section 575.060)
I have made many attempts to provide such information to the Platte County Prosecutors office.
Each time I was not allowed to speak with the Prosecutor.
My attorney and myself went to the Prosecutors office November 2004; my attorney explained why we were there, we were not permitted to show any documentations.
My attorney was told she would be called in a few days, the call has never been made.
This is yet another example of the so called legal system obstructing the legal process, protecting Mary from any criminal prosecution.
She committed such a willfull act in her attempt to gain default judgement due to my failure to appear. This was in concert with her previous false claims that led to the warrant for my arrest, said warrant was issued one day prior to the docket call concerning this civil action. Mary did in fact, at the date and time of the hearing, try to have me arrested to prevent me from protecting my interest in my own property, thereby allowing her a default judgement. There is a witness to what Mary attempted; Mary was unaware that I had already bonded out and was free to attend the hearing.

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