Is anything True or is it all Lies?

Listen to Mary Clark discuss the subpoena, fire, the computer and how none of it is true'; return true" title="Listen to Mary Clark discuss the subpoena, fire, the computer and how none of it is true

It is a documented fact that Mary attempted to discover the location of 2 witnesses that were to testify against her in court.
The witnesses needed to be served a subpoena for two reasons;
1) T provide to their employer to show cause for taking day off work
2) Most important reason is the fact both of the witnesses had received verbal threats from an associate of Mary and the Burec's.
Mary was in fact attempting to locate these people in order to provide their location to the man who threatened them.
They were warned to keep their mouths shut, to stay out of it and if they do so they will be just fine.
Mary, her attorney and Detective Stewart were made aware of one affidavit from a threatened witness during the deposition of Stewart.
Prior to this Mary had made no attempt to locate either witness, but upon realizing they would be in court she knew she must locate them since they would not be keeping their mouths shut.
Mary had been made aware of one such threat against myself and it has been documented and she even provided such to the police in 2001.
Because of statements made by Stewart my attorney decided we should refile the case to include additional information; then we learned of her attempt to locate the threatened witnesses.
My attorney said it was very alarming and expressed his concerns for the safety of the witnesses should we refile the case.
I share the same concerns, therefore I will not reveal the names of these witnesses, but assure everyone I have their sworn affidavits in these matters.
The fact Mary tried to find them shows the threats were not idle in nature.
The witnesses had been laying low off the radar to keep Mary and the man who they named as issuing such threat from locating them.
Nothing was done to her for her attempt to tamper with the witnesses.
See a pattern again?
Threats, intimidation, control is the name of the game. These people play upon the fear of others, in fact they count on such fear, for it benefits them.
Not, like I have not been afraid during this, that night they attacked her I will never forget, and it will always haunt me.
Yes, Burec sabotaged his computer to get a new one under warranty, police did not believe me about that either.
That happened several months before fire, the fire was planned due to extensive terrine damage, Mary and I were aware of such damage since we had been to the home many times and it was pointed out to us.
Mary claims that if the stories John (myself) are telling are not true (re: arson, drug assault) then none of it is true.
I have told the police for years she had to discredit myself in the matter of the arson and drug assault, in order to prevent myself from being believed about the rest of it.
That was just one reason she needed the restraining order.
The rest of it had to do with the threats made against Mary by the Burec's after they knocked her out with the Rohypnol and what the Burec's admitted to myself that night as far as what they do to women and why and where they find some of these women to commit such acts against.
I think I can safely say the arson and drug assault in fact happened, after all she lied for them on both counts and the lies have been proven to be such; therefore since those events are true the rest of what I have said is also true.
There are many things I'm aware of and Mary does not know I'm aware of such.
I'm aware of what she told a work associate of mine when I was in Nevada (the call was placed on my cell, volume turned up high so I could hear what she told my friend).
I'm painfully aware that she stated I must stop trying to help her because every time I do she is punished. Similar comment was made to one of the threatened witnesses and is in affidavit.
She does not know I'm aware that after a certain event happened (I verified event with the authorities) the Burec's punished her for my actions as she admitted during talk with work associate.
That 7 minute talk with Mary stunned and shocked my friend, who until that moment was doubting what I had told her.
Mary also confirmed to my friend something else; Burec had made another threat, one that involves the manufactured home that Mary and I own together.
My friend had initially called to talk with her about the home (judge permitted such calls known as 'third party' and is in court transcript).
Naturally the police called myself a liar about that as well and refused to verify via the transcript.
Mary confirmed to my friend that she must move our home to lake property owned by the Burec's and she had no choice in the matter.
Burec had told myself many times he would take the home from us, move it there and receive the home from us 'paid for.'
I heard Mary say this, later she confirmed same thing to 3 other people. Now you know why she could not have me learn of lawsuit and why she lied in her affidavit to keep me from knowing of such lawsuit.
Now you know why she lied to the police to get a warrant and why the warrant was issued one day before docket call in the matter.
Now you know why Mary tried to have me arrested when I showed up at courthouse (to gain default judgment) to attend the trial and protect my property
I informed the police and family members that such would be the case, months before Mary confirmed such.
Not one thing has been done to stop it.
I stated in court on the record why she took such action, Mary did not deny it either, yet the judge awarded the home to her.
The judge might have just as well given it to the Burec's himself.
I appealed his crazy decision and won, the house they are still after since Mary still lives there.
Now you know why she was sent back to the home the very night she knew I was returning protect the home for the Burec's.
Should I have be allowed to return home I would have possession not her and them?
Law enforcement has helped her every step of the way and used the order as the excuse to do so and in doing so have actually aided the Burec's with their criminal plot.
Kansas City, Mo. police were so helpful they issued a pick up order for myself issued the very day Mary knew I was returning, the very day she returned to my legal address.
The police are not aware I have the full police report including the pick up order.
Question is; pick me up for what reason?
I will tell you why.
I was to return home (Mary was next door as confirmed to myself by neighbor later) I would have been closer than 500 feet from her, would have been in violation of the order even though I would have been at my legal residence which I own, everything was in place except for me.
I had learned of what she was up to and did not return home because I could not do so safely.
I was so sure she would be returning to the house that I hired another private investigator to watch the home and notify me if Mary in fact returned, the investigator called me, identified Mary I then called the neighbor to confirm what investigator told me.
Again the vigilante police (maybe Gestapo is a better descriptive word) acted against myself and actively helped Mary and by default helped the Burec's.
Then again maybe the help has not been by default for the Burec's.
Her question on tape: concerning the fire and what purpose it served, should be obvious to her, the purpose was termite damage was extensive, and they wanted a new house.
Again I must state, the very fact she lied for them concerning her whereabouts and what she did or did not hear Mr. Burec say in this matter should be enough to cause concern in the matter.
Did the Burec's handle her?
Mary says they did not.
Then again I have already shown evidence that Mary does lie for the Burec's.
Later I will share information, that should further cause the readers of this site to understand the Burec's did in fact 'handle' her.
That information goes directly to the rest of what I have said and I believe will cause most to understand fully why my credibility had to be destroyed and why I was made the target of the police with the restraining order.

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