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When she stated, “none of this is going to happen” she was referring to civil trial against her based on lies she told about myself to the Independence Police.

Her report will be posted on a future page.


Her comment she went downtown with me (to work) once or twice a month is totally not true.

Somehow she believes that was quite a bit.


What Mary forgets is during that time the load of newspapers were split between airport post office, the I returned to cargo center at airport at which time I picked up the remaining smaller load of papers and took them downtown to the drop sit, returning her to our home a few miles from the cargo center, before I went downtown.


She then mentioned the white van; I bought that ¾ ton van after the job changed requiring myself to have a larger van capable of hauling all papers downtown and to two different post offices.

This happened late February 2000.


Now based on her comments quite a bit is once or twice a month and she did so until I bought the white van.


This would cause one to believe she no longer went ‘quite a bit’ after I bought the white van.


This is important because, early December 2000 an event happened, an event she has since claimed was never discussed by the Burec’s (remember I worked with them), she vouched for them to the Independence police claiming she never heard them discuss why and how they would burn their house down.


Well, she is correct, she never heard them because she was not there to hear it being discussed.

I presented the police with a private investigators report conducted with a work associate of mine and he confirmed he never saw a woman with me.


He remembered my nephew being there but never saw a woman.


The report meant nothing to the police, and they still maintained their belief of Mary.


There was severe termite damage of their home the solution was arson.


She stated she worked for free. Interesting, I initially paid her $50.00 per week cash for roughly one hour per night of her time at the cargo center at KCI.


After 2 weeks of paying her cash she asked me to instead pay one of her credit cards for her because she was just wasting the money. I agreed and from that day forward one credit card payment of hers was put into my debt column.             Equal to $200.00 per month.


Yes I needed help, at one time a friend next door helped, I paid him $50.00 per week cash. He helped for 3-4 months, always was paid cash.


I paid my nephews as well when they worked for me.



The job was physically demanding and was something I should not have been doing due to back problems and as time progressed other problems arose which turned out to be bone spurs in my neck causing even more problems.


I offered to help her on her job (cleaning houses) a few times she allowed me to do so.


I cooked, had dinner waiting for her 95% of time.


I conned her? Now that is a laugh.


She called myself several times right after her tool (the restraining order was issued).


I called Platte County Prosecutor and told them she was calling me, I was threatened with arrest because as they said she can’t violate her own order.




I harassed her?  I have never lied to the police about her to cause her false arrest.


Her comment ‘the truth is the truth…. and is whatever one believes.

The purpose of this web site is to expose the truth.


This woman in effect has now confirmed what I had told the police for years.

She did not go downtown to work with me; she was not there to hear Mr. Burec discuss why he must burn down his house and ways to get away with it.


Many others and myself understand that once she impugned her own statements she made to the police; that should have caused the police to understand since she lied for them the crime did in fact happen.




I hired a private investigator to conduct an interview with a work associate of mine (one that did not work under the supervision or control of Mr. Burec).


He stated he never saw a woman with me, he rembered my nephew being there but never a woman.


I shared this report with the police and still to this day belief Mary.


Then to prove a point; that point being a person who heard Burec discuss his plan the person I believed had eventually reported Burec for his actions, I decided to have a differnt private investigator interview him.


Now if you are thinking the individual may lie about myself and not tell the truth about what Burec discussed with him; well you would be correct.


He did so because Burec is his boss, and did so out of fear.


So, I have two reports, one man is not under the control or authority of Burec and another who is.


One verifies my statements and now the statement of Mary.


See a pattern yet?


Hint: Burec does not know the second man, because he worked at a location I delieved to, that Burec did not deliever to.


Therefore Burec could not intimidate or take any action against the first man to cause him to lie.


One would have to consider the interview of the first man to be truthful because he had nothing to fear and the fact his statement confirms those of Mary's.


I tried to get the second man to go with me to the police to report what happened once I learned he had not already done so.


He was to afraid to do so, well I was not afraid.


Before I had the chance Mary had left to live with the Burec's and the temorary order was issued against myself, even the temporary order caused the police to believe I was a liar and a threat to Mary.


You heard Mary state on tape I 'verified' to her.


Now what rational person would move in with people I told her had attacked her with Rohypnol and had told her of threats made against her that night by the same people?


The answer would be: No rational person would do such an idiotic thing.


I informed the police I told her about what happened etc. the police did not believe me because it made no sense for her to go there if I in fact did warn her about them.


Well, I will give the police that one; what they do not understand is Mary, they do not know her, how she thinks and why.

They do not know she has a difficult time discerning truth from fiction.


Why would this same woman then lie for these people to the police?




Concern for safety of others?

All of the above?


I will present the options for answer to that question later.

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