The Beginnings - Part Two

I informed the lawyers I spoke with that all my nephew and I did was try to give her a note.
I was told that did not matter; well me being stubborn about things found a lawyer who took my money.
Seemed I was going to avoid such an order after the judge read the note (which I have) and declared it a professional note and should not have caused a reasonable rational person any emotional duress or fear of harm and that she had not basis in law to seek such an order.
The judge then gave her the order!
Everyone in that courtroom was stunned, shocked even.
My nephew was speechless for a few hours afterwards, the bailiff and my lawyer stated (in stairwell of courthouse) they could not believe what had just happened, the woman had been totally discredited even by the judge, and both asked aloud what the Hell just happened in that courtroom? What the hell was the judge thinking?
Mary had told my nephew and I she was not going to ask for an order and probably would not even show up to court.
Now I will explain why they needed the order.
It was needed to keep us apart, end all communications between us and to destroy my credibility.
Yes, these orders do destroy the credibility of the man, and also cause the man to be the target of the police should the woman make any claim the man violated such an order.
The police in my case have never not one single time ever investigated any claim she has made that I violated the order.
I soon discovered where she had been sent and by whom, I informed the police of her location and told them what the Burec's did to her and the threats they made against her.
The police called myself a liar, claimed the order made me a liar and the only threat to the woman.
They said they would not investigate anything I told them, and the record clearly shows they never have.
Mary then went to the police with the Burec's and claimed she and I were never at the Burec's house together and no such incident took place, the police did not investigate to determine if she was telling the truth.
I learned of her claims a few months after she made them; I called the police and asked when they would investigate her claims.
They said no need to, she has an order against me, I'm the liar and they would not spend time investigating my complaints.
I have evidence of her claim from a police Detective I later had deposed, this detective has heard the tape in it's entirety and still refuses to act even after hearing her confirm what I had been telling them for years.
The police do not believe I can confirm what I told them and when, due to fact they did not allow myself to file a police report.
Before that tool (the order) was issued to her and several times afterwards; Mary and I had seen each other and talked on the phone at length.
She confirmed her situation to myself, blamed myself for it because somehow it was my fault she did not believe me about what the Burec's did to her that night.
She said many times she can't tell the police the truth, then begged for my help, and agreed to do things to help herself.
I informed the local Prosecutor and the police of what she told me, I was immediately called a liar and the prosecutors office threatened myself with arrest.

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