The Beginnings

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  The voice you just heard belongs to a woman named Mary E. Clark, born August 2, 1960 in Dubuque, Iowa.

What she was referring to was an incident that took place at Mr. and Mrs. Tracy Burec's resident.
She was correct she could not remember anything (at least not after 8:30pm).
She was rendered unconscious (without her knowledge or mine at the moment it happened)
via a Rohypnol pill (date rap drug) that was placed in her drink by Mr. Burec.
Due to the fact he did not show myself the drugs until after the attack, I could not legally prove he had possession prior to the attack and the law views it the same.
He made certain very detailed threats against her, describing what he would do to her if he ever had the chance. They also described what he does to women and why he does it, and also bragged he had been doing this for 15 years and it is a way of life for him and he has never been caught.
I was shown on his computer where he buys the date rap drug, bottom line they described in great detail everything they do to women and sated women will do what he wants no matter if it is against their will.
I tried to get the two of us out of there, that attempt was immediately halted by Mr. Burec.
She came to about 8:00 am, asked myself what happened; I told her to get dressed we had to leave and leave now.
Appearantly it was safe for the Burec's to allow us to leave because they believed there was little if any trace of the drug left in her.
Thirteen months later the Burec's did make good on their threats against this woman by arranging for her to move in with them, which I knew nothing about and was never to discover.
Yes she actually moved in with them, because she did not believe our so called friends were as I described them to be.
Mary was and is very prone to making bad decisions, frequently unable to discern the truth from a lie, repeating the same mistakes, and could be a world class liar.
She in fact suffers from Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, a nasty condition, that may be treated but never cured.
She refused to seek treatment and always would cancel her appointments with therapists.
The excuse she provided to myself (but not before another person informed myself of why she was sent away) for why she left was she was told she had to leave our home in order to seek therapy, free therapy at that, and she was told she could not tell me because I would not let her leave to get such therapy.
Fact of the matter she did not tell me because of where she was told to go and stay and by whom.
I could not know, because I would have never allowed her to be sent to the Burec's resident.
As the woman clearly stated I verified to her, in fact I explained it all to her, every disgusting detail, she did not believe myself (you heard one reason why on the tape) the reason she gave myself was 'Tracy does not look like a sexual predator.'
I know this sounds as crazy as the remark she made on tape, then again I never said this woman is at all sane.
The remark she made on tape is in direct conflict with her claims for the Burec's to the police.
I was out of town and returned home to find her gone and many things taken from the home, and several nasty notes left for myself.
Mary was prone to making threats to kill herself and would leave in a fit of rage and totally out of control.
Sometimes she would return the next night other times a few days later, other times I would go to one of her accounts to check on her.
This time was no different, a nephew of mine and I went to an account I knew she would be at and I wrote a note asking her to call me in 10 minutes so we could meet in a public places so we could decide what to do with the house we own.
My nephew took it to the door, Mary refused to take the note and would not allow it to be read to her.
She called the police (they treated us like we were some damn terrorist) and escorted us away.
The next morning I was served with a notice of a temporary restraining order with a court date and ordered to appear or a restarining order would be issued against myself.
Now this is where this all gets very interesting and more dangerous.
I called many lawyers and was actually told by most to save my money that it was about 100% certain an order would be issued against myself since they are mostly issued automatically no evidence required to prove the need for such.

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