This is the reason for the letter from Jean Ann.

The District Attorney knew they had no case, the act of blackmail was used against myself to keep myself out of the courtroom and keep the truth silenced.

I was told in front of witnesses by Patrick Carney, that if I went in the courtroom and had the trial, that I would immediately be arrested for mailing letters to Clark.

I told the fool I mailed no such letters (Mary has confirmed such via adeposition and on tape).

Carney futhermore stated my bail would be set so high I would not be able to post it.

My attorney of record Patrick Flannigan had warned my parents and I two days earlier that such was going to be done, and claimed he was not going to tell the judge and that none of us could tell the judge what was happening.

My parents felt the judge may have been part of it as well and refused to tell the judge as my witnesses what was happening.

I will provide evidence the original complaint filed against myself by Susan Nolan (Mary's sister and Mary herself) was yet more lies, and as usual the police did not investigate and told myself and at least one other person that no investigation needed to be done, because the restraining order made me a liar.

That damn order in fact is what Mary and her friends have used to protect themselves and everyone in law enforcement took the bait!

Nice to know law enforcement members are so helpful to this criminal.

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