This document was generated by Platte County at the request of Mary.

A man must be notified that a woman wants an order of protection to use against him.

Mary's first order (tool) was about to expire, so she had to serve myself in order to get a court date for hearing so she would automatically receive another tool to use to protect her friends and to use to lie about myself.

She had to keep her 'victim status' current!

You should note she attempted service in Reno, Nevada. I had lived there since early January and Mary was very aware of that fact and we have since proven is the case.

In fact she has admitted to such in court that she in fact had called that home to talk with my sister about myself. (January 2002) Her attorney was aware of such as well. (proven).

To review her stunts and manipulations with the Platte County court:

She lied in her affidavit claiming she did not know where to find myself in the matter of the house lawsuit (that happened March 2002).

May 2002 she correctly states to the court where to have myself served concerning notification of another (tool hearing).

Mary only wanted me to know what she wanted me to, and she never wanted me to know about the house matter so she lied in her affidavit which is a Felony.

She has totally manipulated the courts, judges, police etc. Legal actions were taken based on her lies and sadly she is still free to continue to do such at her desire.

The warrant was issued for myself 1 day before scheduled docket call concerning house case.

As has already been presented that warrant was issued based on lies she told the Detective and the investigator agreed with that position.

These restraining orders are very powerful tools, they are very often issued without any evidence required to prove one is in fact needed.

State statutes lay down guidelines for the issuance of such tools are often ignored by judges.

Judges and prosecutors say they must protect the women and will error on the side of caution and issue such an order without evidence as required by state statute.

I wonder who will protect men such as myself from the judges, prosecutors and evil manipulating women such as Mary?

So far the answer to that question is, nobody will because we as men are considered to be guilty as far I can discern merely because being a man makes one guilty.

Mary used the warrant to attempt to cause my arrest when I arrived at courthouse to defend my property.

What this woman has done and how she has accomplished such is clear and undeniable, she did so with the blessing of the legal system and the legal system has turned a blind eye to what she has done.

The legal system created and has enabled this monster and has allowed her lies to stand.

The legal system and society at large have placed women so high upon a pedestal that one needs a telescope to be able to see them.

As citizens of this country do we really want such activity to take place and to be sanctioned by the legal system?

Understand that what Mary has done is not unusual as far as she is not the first woman to be given such a 'tool' in order to carry out an agenda and to abuse and manipulate the legal system in order to do so.

The 'system' itself must shoulder much of the responsibility. The 'system' for the most part believes all women are victims and all men are guilty and then acts as the personal vigilante for such women.

The 'system' once made aware of such acts as they have been in my case refuses to correct the injustices and hold the woman accountable for her crimes.

I'm sure some readers may be saying the courts are the remedy for such matters.
That is seldom the case, since the courts have a vested interest in granting and maintaining victim status for women.

The 'system' receives taxpayer monies for such actions for women and against men, and belive me when I tell you there is nothing the 'system' has not done in order to receive such monies.

To myself and others the most sick and twisted thing about all of this is the fact these criminals of which Mary herself is one, have effectively used that order their 'tool' to prevent any police investigation into their crimes.
Even after she confirmed my positions the police still refuse to act.

When the 'system' uses one of these orders as their excuse not to investigate any claim made by the woman in criminal matters, then I say to all of you we have a major problem and the safety of others and the welfare of the community is and will always be at risk so long as the 'system' conducts itself in such a manner.

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